Gamifying Curriculum

Recently, Ball State University launched an app to increase student motivation and retention through engaging students in activities outside the classroom. Will this work? Although gamification is a trend that cannot be ignored, opinions are divided. Since student success initiatives seem to drive educational trends, it’s easy to find tech-focused educators who hope that incorporating elements of gamification may prove useful for K-12 and college students. In fact, efforts to engage learners have extended to government programs and the workplace. Badges and microcredentials are the new buzzwords used in human services processes and human resources offices. Maybe the tools are ineffective or maybe we haven’t figured out how to use them properly. The research on the topic is conflicting and inconclusive, but it may be worth taking a deeper dive into the topic through a hands-on approach. Who knows? Maybe you’re the educator who will move gamification to the next level.

If you accept the challenge, you’ll need a computer, a WordPress site account, and an adventurous attitude!

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